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Master Builder

It not only takes years of demonstrated experience and knowledge, you have to be accepted as a Master Builder. This is important for your peace of mind.

Master Builder Green Living

We have gone one step further and accedited as a Master Builder – Green Living. Why not have your new home as energy efficient as possible saving you money now and in the long run.

Passionate Gippsland Company

Working with 1st Avenue Constructions will guarantee the planning, design, selections and construction are done correctly, and that you are ultimately happy with your new space. We know Gippsland and it’s unique climate. We work with local suppliers to get you the best materials at the best price and we know what to to take advantage of in this part of the World to give you the best living space for you and your family.

Your Design or Save Money and Select from our design collection

We can certainly work with your design and also have a number of designs for you to choose from.

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