Gippsland Heritage Building Renovations Specialist

Your favourite is our favourite

Heritage and Period Home Renovations is what we love to do best. The individuality of each project brings unique challenges to the table however they also bring forth unique rewards.

Your challenge is our challenge

How well your builder handles the unique aspects of Heritage Home Renovations is what will make the difference between you continuing to enjoy your home or not.

Not all suppliers are the same

Heritage Houses haven’t been crafted with the same materials and workmanship as your modern housing development type dwelling. This is where we come in. We have a solid working relationship with our heritage building suppliers and know and understand the building techniques required to maintain the integrity of the period style of your home.

A Renovation for Yourself but not by Yourself

Our experience and expertise will guide you through the various council regulations which form part of a Heritage Home Renovation project. We’ve got your compliance covered.

Take the risk out of your Hertitage Home Renovation

Traditional building techniques and knowledge are often called on for these types of projects. Call us today